Exclusive Interviews with Nikki Hahn

Nikki had a chance to take a break from her busy schedule and sit down with several media outlets for some interviews. While Nikki did answer questions about the various roles she has played throughout her career, the main topic was getting the inside scoop about her role in the up coming film Disney’s Adventures in Babysitting.

Here are some excerpts from these interviews.


Nikki Hahn from Disney's Adventures in Babysitting - Teenplicity

‘Nikki plays Emily Cooper in Adventures in Babysitting, a character that's definitely a lot edgier than the rest. She describes her character as very independent. "[Emily] doesn't feel like she needs a babysitter. She's emo, she has green hair and a henna tattoo." Playing such a different character was a lot of fun for Nikki. "I loved [Emily's] wardrobe. I loved the hair, the makeup," she pauses for a moment as she gushes, "the makeup was just really beautiful! I loved to bring her to life, I loved just becoming her, making her a part of this movie.’

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Adventures in Babysitting with Nikki Hahn on TEENPLICITY

Relate Magazine

Adventures in Babysitting's Nikki Hahn

‘Adventures in Babysitting is the 100th Disney Channel Original movie. It's not a remake of the original. It's inspired by the 80's hit, Adventures in Babysitting. It is also the first Disney Channel movie shot at night, and I am the first Disney Emo type character. Adventures in Babysitting is an action-packed wild ride that will have you on the edge of your seat. And you're gonna love my hair. Emily Cooper is an introverted, independent teen who loves two things; Emo music and the bad boy, Trey Anderson (played by Max Gecowets). Emily doesn't feel that she needs a babysitter, but she doesn't have a choice.’

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Chit Chatting with Actress Nikki Hahn

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

‘ Disney Channel's Nikki Hahn joins us! She talks about a new take on the old classic "Adventures in Babysitting." ‘

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Disney Channel’s Nikki Hahn joins the show

San Antonio Express News

‘How different is Disney Channel’s “Adventures in Babysitting” from the 1987 big-screen original starring Elisabeth Shue?

For starters, one of the young charges, who's played by San Antonio native Nikki Hahn, has green hair and a tattoo.
Like the Chris Columbus-directed original, this movie also revolves around a night in the big city without parents. There's lots of mischief and mishaps involving teens, adolescents and children, an arrest and some bumbling criminals in hot pursuit of the bunch.

However, the update boasts some notable changes. The most dramatic: It doubles the trouble, featuring two babysitters instead of one. They also possess dramatically different styles. Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) is caring and responsible, while Lola (Sofia Carson) is a rule-breaker and risk-taker.’

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San Antonio native starts in Disney’s Adventures in Babysitting


‘We’re so excited for the world to meet Nikki Hahn. She’s amazing in the new DCOM Adventures In Babysitting alongside Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson and when she stopped by YSBnow HQ, we got to see how sweet she is in real life!
Nikki told us exclusively all about filming Adventures In Babysitting, how she booked the role, and what it’s like basically being BFFs with Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson.’

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Exclusive: Nikki Hahn talks Adventures in Babysitting